Our Confident Friend

   Bags, our inseparable and confident friend, what lady does not own more than one?

They are a perfect reflection of our style and personality. Bags are essential to our daily lives and zippers reflect that very same meaning for the fashion industry.  As a result I have always had a strong affinity for zippers and bags.

     I love them, and everyone who has always been around me knows of my fascination for them. They are a perfect and unique design, tiny pieces that are put together to make a beautiful metamorphosis. The zipper for me is a final and often indispensable element.  It gives me inspiration; it’s a door that opens each time with new light, a light that I can bask in its gleam of beauty. It makes me take a deep breath, take a step back and propel ahead to a new place that I want to go to. It’s an amazing sweet escape! This is why they are a very important element in the design on my portfolio.

Belkis Vasquez