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I am a Woman

A woman of pride. I have pride of knowing who I am and of where I am.
I am a Woman with goals. I believe in my future and I visualize my success constantly.
I’m not satisfied with something average. What’s average doesn’t make me feel good.

I’m original and I love to show it. I am always a step ahead.
I take the decisions in my life and I am the main character in them. I have many projects and I am the leader in each one.
My family, my friends, and my career are my support and I take care of them.
I have my treasures, I have many friends. I love my job and above all I do well.

I treat myself when I want. I have my own dance. I dance in front of the mirror.
I am capable to love and I’m beautiful
I am beautiful because I choose to be
I am a Woman Belkola.


Women X


Deconstruct to construct has been the north of our collection. In today's busy and entrepreneur world, women have to be ready from AM to PM. So we decided to come up with the idea of transforming existing wardrobe pieces to more innovative selections. The transformation of skirts into blouses is one example of our diversified collection. We invite you to enjoy the wonderful and diversely interesting fall/winter collection.



love strong

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